Child Support

The Child Support Division is divided into two different Units, the Support Unit and the Criminal Non-Support Unit.

The Support Unit strives to serve the public through effective implementation of child support laws in order to secure a better and financially stable quality of life and future for our children.

The Criminal Non-Support Unit is responsible for prosecuting cases involving parents who refuse to pay or are habitually late with court ordered child support.

The Child Support Unit is staffed by 2 attorneys and their support staff.


David E. Boker                      Support Unit Prosecutor
James F. Lewis                    Support Unit Prosecutor

Administrative Staff:

Kathy L. Thompson               Assistant Officer Manager - Child Support
Rochelle A. Testa                  Secretary/Investigator
JoAnn Venosky                      Secretaty/Investigator
Stacey M. Youngs                  Secretary/Investigator


Child Support Enforcement Agency



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